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Be sure that you are welcome at Bali. Balinese people enjoy to meet with foreigners and to show them the beauties of their island, on which they are very proud. Any Balinese is happy to meet you, to talk with you or to invite you at his home. If you are open for it, you can make many friends here.
Now and then it is said: don’t go to Bali, it is spoiled by tourism and the original Bali doesn’t exist any longer. Believe me, that is not true! There are still lots of spots in Bali where the original life goes on as always and where hardly any tourist goes. But you have to know where you have to go. The strength of Bali is that it offers everything for everybody. Whatever you are looking for, you’ll find it in Bali. If you are looking for beautiful beaches, luxury hotels, a sparkling nightlife, choose the southern part of Bali with Nusa Dua, Kuta and Sanur. If you want to enjoy the sea in a quieter neighborhood, go to Lovina in the northern part of the island or go to Candidasa, in the eastern part. And if you want to hike in the jungle, the western part of Bali is an ideal place for you.

And of course, for those who love it, there is a lot of culture in Bali: dance, drama, architecture, sculpture, painting etc. etc. And all these places can be reached very comfortable from the hotel where you live.

But where ever you go, you shall always be confronted which that part of Bali life that is the most important and that rules all the acts of the Balinese people: their religion. For a Balinese there is nothing more important in their life than their religion or better said: for a Balinese religion IS their life. Life without religion is unthinkable for a Balinese. This is true for all the Balinese people, young and old. Very difficult to understand for Western people who are used on a fall of faith especially the younger people. Nothing of that in Bali. And if you want to understand anything of Bali daily life you have always to keep this in mind.

Therefore we think it is important to give you some brief information on this subject. In order to let you more understand of Bali and consequently you will more enjoy your stay here.


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